[Arirang] Korean Webcomics to the World, 2011.10.04

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The thriller "Moss,"

"Late Blossom,"

"Hello Schoolgirl," and

"BABO" [바보]

all have something in common. They are based on webtoons, or Korean webcomics.

Kang Full, Cartoonist

Webtoon stories have shown so much potential that a work in progress by Kang Full [강풀], Korea's most renowned webtoon cartoonist, was immediately snapped up for a feature film.

[Interview : Park Seok-hwan, Critic] "Online comics became popular as more homes got Internet connections and people started uploading their own comics. These comics are called "webtoons" as it is a combination of the words "website" and "cartoon."" [중략]



[Interview : Park Seok-hwan, Critic] "Foreigners who first read webtoons to learn Korean language become interested in the webtoons themselves and find them on Korean portal sites. That's how recent series like "The Ghost of Bongcheon-dong" became such a hit." [하략]

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